Technische Universität Braunschweig

Book lending

You can borrow most of our books except the ones that are named under "Präsenz", referring to the presence books and the ones which are reserved. We also offer to lend some books for an entire semester.

Loan regulations

The following loan-regulations for students, staffs and the general public apply:

Loan Duration

  • 3 weeks during lecture periods
  • 5 Wochen during non-lecture periods
  • 6 Wochen upon written request (form available in the BMI) for students about to take their diploma

Dunning letters

  • 1. reminder: 2 days after due date
  • 2. reminder: 2 weeks after due date
  • 3. reminder: 4 weeks after due date

Upon receiving the third reminder or three second reminders the user will be excluded from further loans.

Reminder fees

We charge a fee of 1 Euro per week and book not returned in time!

Lending procedure

To borrow books from the library you have to register once. For the registration we need your current student ID or your UB-ID respectively and a picture ID. For each book you have to fill in the belonging book-card (without address) and hand in the book as well as the card at the information desk. You can borrow up to a total amount of 25 books at the same time.


Unless the books you have borrowed have been reserved by someone else, you can renew them. When you borrow a book again, the due date will be prolonged automatically. Renewals are possible via e-mail under E-Mail.


Books on loan can be reserved. The reservation fee is 60 cents. A reserved book has to be collected during the denoted time. You will be informed about the time by email or postcard.

Additional staff regulations

Lending procedure

You have to fill in the card of the book with the current date, your full name and the name of your institute. Then you have to put the card in the red tray in the shelf next to the information desk.


Please coat the last row of the book-card and put the card back in the book. Then put the book with the card in the designed area next to the red lending-tray in the shelf next to the information desk.

Available books

Find out here about what kind of books we have.